Flyover awaits bearing fix

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Aurobindo Setu, the 43-year-old flyover between Ultadanga and Gouribari in north Calcutta, has been diagnosed with acute stress and diminished load-bearing capacity after ploughing on with the same set of ball bearings for almost three times their lifespan.

“The bearing lahore of a flyover or bridge should be replaced every 10 to 15 years, which means those under the Aurobindo Setu have been living on borrowed time,” said a member of the consultancy team that had inspected the structure.

ball bearing offer a resting surface between the deck of a flyover and its piers, enabling transfer of load from top to bottom. This function is crucial to reducing structural stress.

When a curved section of the VIP Road-Bypass flyover collapsed in 2013 under the impact of an accident, engineers had attributed it partly to the failure of the bearing pakistan assembly.

Aurobindo Setu’s deck rests on 40 to 45 ball bearing pakistan, almost all of which have exceeded the stipulated replacement date, an official in the urban development department said.

The Calcutta Improvement Trust used to maintain the flyover before the baton passed to the Calcutta Metropolitan Development Authority (CMDA).
ball bearing pakistan
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ball bearing lahore